The Boat 

Well. We did it. We finally bought a boat! After 6 years of renting cruisers on Lough Erne, we bought one. Harmony III. From a lovely retired couple living in Bellanaleck, County Fermanagh. The boat is a Seamaster 30, built in 1980, three previous owners and she's a beauty – at least to my eyes! (A bit tired admitedly after 46 years). Needs a bit of attention and TLC, not because of its previous owners, but because of its age.

It has three cabins – a twin V berth at the front (I'll really have to get my head around boating lingo!) a double in the galley area and a twin aft cabin with its own (hideous) vanity unit. It also has twin Thornycroft diesel engines that hum just lovely – we took it for our first run from Carrybridge to Bellanaleck with the owner, Austin, just before we bought it. Everything went swimmingly (perhaps a bad turn of phrase in the circumstances, but you know what I mean) up until we tried to berth it at Erne Marine… Austin forgot which berth was his as it has been out of the water for the past five months getting a bit of attention! Famous last words – "our berth is at the end of the [perpendicular] walkway"… Oh no it wasn't! It was one berth along. I think his excuse was that their neighbouring boat was always there, but today it wasn't, so he just parked beside the nearest one!

Holly liked it. I think. At least she said she did. I just wonder how well it will accessorise for her? 😉 She bought some bangles on Saturday, red and white, just like Harmony III. At least she wasn't having to buy wooden jewellery to match the other older boat we seriously considered buying – the shame! I love old boats, but Holly obviously doesn't. They need to be modern and stylish for the young madame!

Well, that's it for now. I'll use this blog to document our adventure in the coming months and years. I think it will be great for us to have a place to store memories, but it will also be very useful if we ever want to sell the boat on – its own website from its proud current owners!

I guess we may have to join the Seamaster Club UK.