Boats for beginners! 

I had a call from Austin (the boats previous owner) last night to go through the launch sequence for the good ship Harmony III. So many things to think about and do. I suppose it gets easier with practice. It was a bit like hopping while rubbing your tummy in a circular motion whilst patting your head and whistling a tune backwards! Wasn't like that on the rent-a-cruiser boats!

I have to turn the isolation switches a half-turn. Clockwise. No, maybe counter clockwise. Turn the key. Wait for 20-30 secs. Pump the throttle 4 or 5 times. Turn the key again. It should start. If it doesn't call in an expert! No, start the countdown again. ("Houston we have a problem").

The lifejackets are under the bunks in the aft cabin. The mildew stain remover for the canvas can be bought in Enniskillen for £8, though it can probably be bought in Belfast for less! (In the hardware shop across from Blake's of the Hollow, so it still has the edge! Here's a good overview of Blake's.) Check the greasers. Check the water in the engine radaiators. Clean the lough water filters. Watch the crack in the pipe from the engine radiators.

Oh, and the pump for the water is beside the water heater. And the fridge mains socket is in the cupboard.

Too much information for my tiny brain! Thanks Austin, I'll be sure to call you if anything goes wrong – giving me your mobile number might prove to be your undoing… 😉