First weekend on the boat Day 3

Dawn broke with me wandering around again. After having a few cups of coffee I decided to take Tess for a walk and go turn on the imersion in the showerroom for when Adrienne and the kids got up. Sound's easy, doesn't it? What could go wrong?

I dropped the key for the showerroom between the cracks in the decking, that's what!

I could see it. It was a newly cut silver key. But it was two feet down. I sat in the sun and tried to work out what to do next. Luckily I had opened the showerroom and turned the heater on, so I wasn't going to get shouted at for that. On of the other boatmen came by and I explained my predicament. Kindly he told me to go to his boat "Greyabbey Pilot" and ask for a "grabber thing". I did, and although the extended grabber could touch the key, it was flat and wouldn't pick up.

Another passing boatman suggested a few other things and I hit on the idea of taking the fridge cover magnet off and tieing it to a shoelace. Bloody hell, it worked! Almost first time. With Adrienne watching! 🙂

With the panic over, we spent the rest of the morning painting the inside of cubboards and the plastic tiles in the head (toilet). Freshened things up a bit, but it was an eye-opener to see how many nooks and crannies are on a boat! But it was worth it, the galley looked a hundred times better without the period fake speckeled green tiles!