World Cup weekend part 3

In the morning, the sun was splitting the sky. Naturally I was up from 5:30 – I seem to wake earlier and earlier these days. I sat and read my new book "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" – an incredible story of 'How the West Was Lost' for the North American Indians (or native Americans to be correct).

After a couple of cups of coffee, Tess and I went walkabout and explored the track running south from the marina. Lots of fishing jettie, birds (a cheeky little wren watched us from about 2 feet away, covered in the fluffy stuff that comes out of the reeds at this time of year) and some donkeys. Or were they asses? There was a very young foal amongst them that came right up to the fence until its mother pushed it away. (Remember kids, don't talk to strangers!)

When Jake and Adrienne got up, we had breakfast and headed down to Naan Island on Upper Lough Erne for a day-trip. We took the western route which was very quiet and peaceful, only a few fishermen on the way. When we got to Naan Island, there were only two boats moored up. As we were coming into moor, we spotted a man having a barbeque breakfast – he was head-to-toe beige and from a distance looked stark naked! What a relief when we made out the pattern on his shirt!

Within half an hour we had the island to ourselves (was it something we said?) Jake made up the barbeque and Adrienne brought the goodies – lamb and leek burgers, peppers and courgettes grilled to perfection. (I taught Jake all he knows!)

Jake took the wheel all the way back to Bellanaleck through Carrybridge – he was relaxed and patient so no mad antics! When we were coming in to moor, I took over – a big expensive boat, a teenager and a jetty were not a terribly appealing prospect. Jake grabbed the forward rope and tried to jump onto the dock. Splash! He completely misjudged the leap. Landed on the pontoon ok, but pulled on the rope to stop his forward movement only to find the boat was still coming and the rope too. It was like watching a cartoon! With arms flailing with the slackening rope, the end was inevitable. Splash! This photo tells a story. Notice that he came out with his shades still on! Cool. Just a pity only a couple of fishermen on the opposite bank saw it all happen!

When Jake had dried off, we headed home. I think he had a great (wet) time.