Weird and wonderful boat insurance 

We got out "pleasure craft" insurance documents last week from Allianz c/o Douglas Insurance Services in Belfast c/o Tom Leonard. Cover starts from 11th May 2006 for one year.

I don't usually read through the small print in such things, but this caught my eye:

We are not covered for

"… any weapon or device employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion…"

I guess I'd better jettison them on top of the many flying boats at the bottom of the Lower Lough! Flying boats were reportedly scuttled after the Second World War as the cheapest means of disposal. Some may have been located:

:… According to local knowledge after the war the Catalinas were scuttled in the northern section of the Narrows along with other unwanted equipment… "

The insurance also says:

Water-skiing and the towing of toys, rings, bananas, biscuits and the like are excluded. (!)